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About Me

 My name is Fred, I'm originally from France, but based in London since 2011.

   trained as a professional dancer I had the chance to travel the world and perform on some of the most prestigious stages.

   Living my passion full on, I've had the opportunity to develop my other passions for music, photography and art in general, and continuously grow, learn, and be influenced by amazing artists and cultures. 

   This website is a chance for me to share my experiences as GOLDEN RATIO, Dj, Music producer, photography enthusiast, etc...


   Stay tuned on the social medias linked below for latest projects, tracks, and whereabouts.                        




 The golden ratio,

also known by many names such as

the golden number or the divine proportion, is

a mathematical concept

represented by the greek letter,

phi (Ф~1,1618...).


its appearance is endless in 

architecture, art, nature, design, life, the human features,the universe...

 It is often associated with the human perception of 

beauty and balance



DJ - Music Producer

35mm Photography


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